Agile Web Software

Flexible Stones

The key goal of developing agile Web software is to make the software development process leaner and more flexible. As opposed to traditional software development methods, StoneOne consistently focuses on the set goals and supports continuous improvement. StoneOne does so by applying modern production workflows, similar to the methods employed in the automotive industry.

A common reason for unsuccessful IT projects is the challenge of having to solve them in a holistic fashion, which makes breaking them down into partial jobs a very difficult task. The StoneOne base technology focusing on the Enterprise Information Bus (EIB) provides the technology for building a functioning business portal prototype in a very short time, which makes it possible to ensure user acceptance very early in the process. Also, the modular design of the StoneOne solution means that any sub-component of a complex project can be isolated, which helps to keep the level of required resources to a minimum. Requested modifications or individual versions are easy to implement.

The EIB provides a solid platform that facilitates fast and efficient mapping of any number of requirements, no matter how detailed. Users familiar with the StoneOne technology can even adapt the interface to their personal needs. Changes made to the user interfaces based on StoneOne can be viewed on the Web, verified and released as a new version within minutes.

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