Enterprise Information Bus

StoneOne – The Core of the Software Factory

The novel ‘Enterprise Information Bus’ (EIB) from StoneOne is used to centrally control all components of the software factory.

We designed our technology to achieve ease of administration and solid performance in heterogeneous system landscapes with high data traffic. All components relevant for electronically mapping and optimizing business processes – including existing applications – can be managed and controlled using the central EIB.

The accumulated experience of hundreds of projects, many of them very complex ones, was shaped into an architecture that combines the virtues of simplicity, ease of handling and versatility, while at the same time ensuring excellent performance even under extreme load.

Based on a modern, service-oriented software architecture (SOA), StoneOne offers a unique enabling technology for the fast development and implementation of business portals.

The EIB (Enterprise Information Bus) is the base for a modern, service-oriented software architecture (SOA)

The Enterprise Information Bus is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Advantages of Central Management via the EIB:

  • Consistent and comprehensive data structure
  • Universal ‘backbone’ for all components and associated services
  • Consistent policy for the cross-system description of data models of all customers and their applications
  • A single design
  • Interface and communication behavior of all components
  • Consistent maintenance interface
  • Central control of scaling and load behavior of the different components
StoneOne – The core of the software factory

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