Enterprise Self Services

There Are many Roads to Success

A high level of service quality boosts customer satisfaction and is therefore an increasingly important key to commercial success. In light of steadily rising cost pressures, lean processes are a matter of survival. Take, for example, the success story of the ATM. Nowadays, nobody would ever consider withdrawing cash at the teller’s window because it is simply much easier and faster to draw on the ATM service.

The Web is ideally suited for implementing a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that provides the basis for a wide spectrum of services. Web-based services are highly advantageous to both the customer and provider when it comes to business transactions or information retrieval!

Enterprise Self Services - provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution in a cloud

Employee Self Services

Employee Self Services provide employees with a portal where they can enter holiday applications or their new addresses, provide new bank details, or register for seminars all by themselves over the Internet. For example, an employee could enter travel expenses into a Web form and add scanned receipts. The data can then be automatically checked against the travel expense policy. The relevant data is automatically forwarded to accounting or the responsible processor. Questions or information can be relayed in an asynchronous manner via the portal.

Customer Self Services

Customer Self Services include applications such as filing and processing damage reports conveniently and at low cost over the Web. The insurance customer simply reports the damage via a portal. Personal data and contract terms are automatically added. Relevant documents are automatically requested by the portal depending on the specific case and can be added directly via upload. Thanks to comprehensive pre-processing based on predefined rules, processors receive rich documents, greatly reducing their manual workload.

The Solution

Many Enterprise Self Services are already available today. However, creating the required Web application represents a rather daunting task if this has to be done from scratch. This is where StoneOne enters into the equation. The StoneOne Web Service Factory allows companies to implement Web-based business portals quickly and at low cost with the additional benefit of making it possible to integrate existing applications and adding Web capability.

Numerous predefined components for typical process steps make StoneOne the perfect core solution. The Application Designer, for example, helps developers to design ergonomic interfaces that draw on complex processes in the background. Other Web Service Factory components include modules for importing scanned or digital documents or intelligent mechanisms for automatic content analysis.

All roads lead to success