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The main challenge when planning to expand or change over to the SaaS business model is to consider all factors and consequences. This entails carefully analyzing product management, sales and marketing and future operations and working out how these areas can be made to meet the requirements for SaaS.

The impact on sales and marketing alone is considerable. For example, SaaS makes working the general market much easier, so your sales staff will be able to focus their energies on key accounts. Also, new target groups, market segments or regions can be addressed with little effort.

Last but not least, one of the tasks is to draw up contracts and SLAs that account for the SaaS model.

Important questions include:

  • What is the right pricing for your target markets?
  • Does it make sense to go both ways, i.e., offering the ‘old’ licensing model in addition to a ‘new’ transaction-based one?
  • How will you enter the market; is your company ‘ready to SaaS’?
  • Will you host your application or outsource this task to a service provider?
  • What legal provisions do you need to meet?

In addition to making available our technical know-how and a platform, we also support you in answering all questions concerning your SaaS offering.

We making available our technical know-how and a platform for your SaaS offering
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