Green Cloud IT

Keeping Everything in Balance.


  • Great underutilization of data centers, yet constant, high energy consumption
  • Outsource peak loads to other data centers or into the cloud
  • Improve environmental performance in the information and communication technology sector


  • Increase the efficiency of IT in the public administration sector in accordance with the specific operational and security requirements
  • Increase the efficiency of the data center and reduce energy costs and the negative impact on the environment
  • Answer increasing demand of IT computing services by public administrations in a manner that saves resources, e.g. by optimizing power consumption and resource use through distributing jobs across multiple data centers


  • Empower individual data centers to network and bundle IT resources, thus gaining the ability to dynamically allocate and schedule these resources
  • Reduce (superfluous) capacities and lower the power consumption
  • Dynamic load management (increasing the capacity utilization of a data center from XX% to YY%)

Dynamic load management, Reduce (superfluous) capacities and lower the power consumption with Government GreenCloud Laboratory (GGC-Lab)

Example: Government GreenCloud Laboratory (

Keeping Everything in Balance.