Joint Development

A Strong Partnership

With the support of our experts, you can quickly build a Web-based solution that your users will embrace. A partnership with StoneOne offers you the following benefits:

  • Access to custom-tailored technology (EIB and suitable components)
  • Professional support in planning and designing the software solution
  • Active participation in designing the user/role/rights model
  • Implementation of specialized services
  • Support in planning/designing operation/hosting

You are an IT operator/hoster? (in some cases the IT operator can also be a specialist partner). Then StoneOne is your ideal partner. StoneOne brings your know-how to life by assisting you on the technological side. We support you in designing and implementing the solution, while you take the lead regarding these tasks:

  • Specialist know-how related to your industry or subject area
  • Specialist components or solutions
  • Coordinating specialist processes with the users

A strong partnership