Nearshore & Offshore

Build Together, Pay Less.

Regardless of whether you are a software developer (ISV) yourself or simply want to leverage the power of the cloud for your company, we offer you on-site technical know-how. We and our international development partners join forces with you to build affordable new applications faster or modernise your applications at a much lower cost.

You contribute the business-specific know-how, and we take care of the technical implementation (if you so desire, in cooperation with you). Generally, a small team of experienced developers based in Germany manages the project and performs integration tasks. The solution will draw on the standard components of the Web Service Factory. Facing extensive and complex development tasks we involve additional teams from our development partners in Czech and India. We can flexibly organize teams of 10, 20, 30 or even more highly skilled and trained developers depending on the project requirements.

We have been successfully applying this nearshore and offshore model for many years together with our Czech development partner xITee as well as our Indian development partner Oxyent Technology.

Offshore model of StoneOne AG with Indian development partner Oxyent Technology

Build Together, Pay Less.