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Success Founded on a Strong Partnership

We have three partnership models at StoneOne.

Our partner model is divided into three categories. Firstly, there are Business Service Partners (BSP), who offer their customers cloud services based on StoneOne technology.

The second group of cooperation partners, our so-called Business Enabling Partners (BEP), mainly support us in the basic development of components, special services and interfaces.

The third partner category in StoneOne’s partner model is dedicated to consultants, our Business Consulting Partners (BCP). They relate cloud-specific know-how to potential partners and customers and help to set up the business in and with the cloud.

Our partner program BSP comprises a catalog of requirements, activities, terms and additional parameters that are defined on an individual basis. What makes our program stand out from ‘typical’ partner programs is that we view partnerships as true ‘joint ventures’ where the business is shaped together with our partners. In this spirit, we put the entire spectrum of StoneOne’s know-how and components at our partners’ disposal. See the section Joint Development for more details.

Requirements for partnership in a sector and/or subject area:

  • Core competency and significant share of total business turnover
  • Good market access and reputation
  • Minimum number of customers and productive references
  • Own software solution
  • Technological skills for developing own services
  • Demonstrable involvement and commitment of the management
  • Willingness to invest

Joint activities/roadmap:

  • Initial workshop with sales, marketing, product management, consulting, etc.
  • Technical workshop with development, product management, professional services, etc.
  • Creation of a catalog of requirements
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Technical training
  • Certification
  • Development of business components (with the support of StoneOne consultants)
  • Regular qualification of technical staff


  • Definition of transaction fees in relation to scope of services and business
  • Monthly or quarterly settlement of sales revenue from realized transactions

Joint business success:

  • The right components for their Internet services – powerful, flexible, individually customizable
  • 1001 options – StoneOne helps partners from a broad range of industries to create Internet offers for various applications
  • Become a StoneOne ‘Business Service Partner’ and enjoy the benefits of true partnership
  • Add weight to your marketing punch by using the StoneOne SaaS logo

Success founded on a strong partnership

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