Simple, Affordable and Fair

StoneOne offers you technical as well as business advantages. We help you to join the Internet of Services by offering an innovative model of cooperation.

Simple and affordable: Our business partners do not have to pay for licenses, updates, installation and maintenance. The ‘On Demand’ business model of StoneOne means that even our business partners only need to pay for the actual transactions of their users.

In other words, you can enter the world of business portals at an extremely low cost. The number of users or servers does not factor into the price at all. The monthly or quarterly fee only depends on the services actually used.

Simple and fair: The pricing is established based on our business partners’ respective services. We typically charge a transaction fee for each service rendered by the StoneOne factory. This allows you to control and gain transparency over the costs.

Advantages for end users:

  • Lower initial costs
  • Ongoing costs only when doing business
  • Low maintenance costs (no local installation)
  • Risk minimization due to reduced individual programming

Advantages for providers:

  • Shorter sales cycle
  • High scalability
  • Better utilization of capacities
  • Additional offers to existing customers
  • Addressing new target groups
  • Simple and fast roll-out
  • Simplified internationalization
Simple, affordable and fair