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Apr 03, 2014

Compliance from the cloud - for a flat rate

  • T-Systems and StoneOne offer a solution from the secure cloud
  • For different company sizes, all for a flat rate

T-Systems and StoneOne now offer a compliance solution from the German cloud. The GRC Cockpit (Governance, Risk & Compliance) was specially developed for the cloud. Companies of differing sizes can buy the solution from the cloud for a flat rate – it is highly scalable and multi-client capable, while keeping companies' sensitive compliance data protected under strict German data privacy rules.

This solution represents an expansion of the portfolio of corporate services from the cloud offered by Deutsche Telekom's corporate customer subsidiary. "Our customers already show high interest in this partnership," said Frank Strecker, the manager responsible for cloud business at T-Systems. "StoneOne offers a compliance solution that we can now combine with our highly secure cloud services, subject to the standards of German data privacy rules."

Foto: Mathias Petri

Dr. Mathias Petri
Member of the
Management Board / CSO
StoneOne AG

"We have worked closely together over recent weeks to prepare this partnership," said Mathias Petri, co-founder and CSO of StoneOne. "We see a huge opportunity, together with T Systems, to assist our customers meet the strict legal compliance requirements in Germany in particular, and in Europe."

Dashboard for managing sensitive compliance data

Screenshot: GRC Cockpit - powered by StoneOne - hosted by TSI

The legal and regulatory requirements placed on companies are becoming larger and larger, both in Germany and internationally. These days, company management is obliged to comply with the requirements of the German Accounting Law Modernization Act (Bilanzrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz – BilMoG) and the Law on Control and Transparency in Business (Gesetz zur Kontrolle und Transparenz im Unternehmensbereich – KonTraG). Companies that operate internationally of course have to comply with the national laws of various different countries, such the Bribery Act in the United Kingdom. The GRC Cockpit allows management to control all necessary measures by means of a dashboard and to have actions documented in an auditable manner. At the same time, the solution is designed to reduce the workload for employees, leaving them able to devote more resources to their core business activities.

T-Systems provides the GRC Cockpit from German data centers, which means a company's highly sensitive compliance data is protected by strict data privacy policies in Germany. The solution is available in English as well as in German.

Leading in business – with partners

The partnership with StoneOne underlines Deutsche Telekom’s strategic goal to establish itself as the leading service provider for business customers by offering innovative services in cooperation with partner companies. The focus lies clearly on standardized IT solutions – by 2017, T-Systems wants to generate 50 percent of its revenues through standard solutions.

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