Product Overview

Building a Bridge into a New Dimension

We have developed a completely new generation of software offering central control using the Enterprise Information Bus (EIB) and standardized components for individual business portals and services. A modern business portal based on StoneOne technology can implement a wide range of processes as services available over a Web browser. This allows you to greatly improve and expand your service offering. You will also benefit from significantly reduced costs by doing away with the need to individually configure and administer your applications. Users gain access to up-to-date information whenever and wherever they are, and the only maintenance work required is performed on the central server of the service provider.

The StoneOne Web Service Factory combines a unique technological platform (software factory) and methodology to reduce the cost and risk involved in developing individual business portals. Also, thanks to using standardized components, you can easily customize the services to meet your needs. Thanks to predefined StoneOne components, integrating existing applications becomes a simple task.

Software development costs: Methodology to reduce the cost and risk involved in developing individual business portals

StoneOne offers its customers a tailor-made solution that minimizes project risk and can be adopted to the needs of any industry. All required components – which can by expanded according to individual needs – are networked with ease using the so-called Enterprise Information Bus (EIB).

The StoneOne bus architecture and the many predefined modules supporting typical business processes help to greatly streamline the design and programming stage, resulting in cost savings of 40 to 70%!

Building a bridge into a new dimension