Platform as a Service

Building Lean Cloud Services with ‘Stonies’.

SaaS and Cloud Enabling

Software as a Service (SaaS), software of the next generation, is a key component of modern applications ranging from web software through to cloud computing. Helping to save both resources and costs, this new technology opens up new possibilities of tapping into a vast computing potential – either in the private cloud and thus in a local, secure environment, or in the public cloud available on the World Wide Web.

StoneOne delivers the so-called ‘Platform as a Service (PaaS)’, a modern middleware technology for the rapid creation of SaaS solutions based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The resulting lean service portals feature a modern user interface, excellent usability and the option of easily integrating third-party applications.

Our customers are software and IT service providers who want to take their applications into the web or the cloud.

Solutions created based on StoneOne can be used both in a private and public cloud. The solutions are provided on demand and billed according to use.

StoneOne Web Service Factory Expertise: Business Software, Platform as a Service and Cloud IT with StoneOne - on demand

Achieve Significant Software Development Cost Savings

Designing based on StoneOne means fast and cost-effective product development. The standardized StoneOne architecture, combined with scaling and communication, as well as components for typical business processes, can significantly reduce development costs.

The StoneOne bus architecture and the many predefined modules built to support typical business processes help to greatly streamline the design and programming stage, resulting in cost savings of 40 to 70%!

Building Lean Cloud Services with ‘Stonies’.