Specialist Portals

No Two Stones Are Alike

No matter which industry, there any many services that can only be performed effectively with the right IT support. Structured processes and ad-hoc workflows have become an integral part of today’s digital workplace. Every industry, including financial providers, commerce or industrial companies, logistics providers or the public sector, have specific needs that must be accounted for when designing a portal.

The Challenge

While in many cases the existing specialist information or inventory systems as well as job processing solutions can process pending tasks in a targeted manner, the usefulness of these tools is frequently compromised by high maintenance requirements and a lack of adaptability. Quite often the solutions tend to be highly specialized and thus ‘isolated’ tools that also impose a large administrative burden.

The Solution

StoneOne’s Web Service Factory provides the basic platform: the Enterprise Information Bus (EIB). Using preconfigured tools, this infrastructure adds Web capability to existing solutions, meaning customers can modernize their processes without having to implement ‘strong’ migration measures.

This makes StoneOne the ideal platform for providers of highly specialized procedures or processing systems for their respective industry. The tried and tested, scalable and customizable solution forms the underlying foundation for the specialist design.

Areas of Deployment

Be it public sector request procedures, insurance damage claim processing, bank loan applications or billing procedures between supplier and orderer in the industrial sector – all solutions can be run on StoneOne’s modern Software as a Service platform, thus making them more flexible and speeding up the costly design and development stages so that the end users can be served in the best possible manner.

No two stones are alike